Pain is truly a strange experience for me. I don’t hurt easily, but I hurt deeply. When I feel things, I feel them throughout my whole body- emotional pain becomes physical pain. I wallow, I sulk, I envelop my whole being into this sense of pain. But there’s a bright side to this mayhem. When […]

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I’m not required to respect you.

In instances of insignificant opinions- such as the preference of food or a favorite color- differences are what make us all unique.  The combination of likes and dislikes that I have make me the person that I am, and differences in preference fuel conversation and debate. However, when it comes to things like politics, human […]

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A Message to Men

(I hope it is obvious and should go without saying that this article is written specifically in reference to cis men) As a woman, you are constantly told that your safety is your own responsibility. We are told to somehow see into the future, and avoid dangerous situations by not putting ourselves there in the […]

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Bloodline Review (No Spoilers)

This seems to be an unpopular opinion, so proceed with caution. Netflix recently released a new series called Bloodline, which tells the story of a family living in the Florida Keys whose dark secrets begin to surface once the eldest child, Danny (Ben Mendelsohn), comes home.  I only got through eight of the thirteen episodes, […]

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