I never got a chance to actually review the movie Interstellar because it threw me into a huge state of existential despair in which I was weighed down by my own questions and lack of answers.  I’ll be completely honest with you guys, I shut myself in my dorm room for 15 hours without coming out. Now let me start off by saying that I might be just the tiniest bit biased, because Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors. I think that, while he doesn’t always hit the nail directly on the head (see: Man of Steel), his ideas and executions are some of the best in modern filmmaking. I mean, have you seen Memento? Tell me another director that could pull that off the way Nolan did. But anyways, I’m not here to defend Christopher Nolan’s directing style. I’m here to review one of my favorite movies of 2014- Interstellar. Interstellar tells the story of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), living on a desolate & ravaged Earth sometime in the future. At this time, the people of Earth have given up on technology and are simply focused on the difficult task of survival.  Though Cooper is a farmer, which the narrator describes as being one of the most important jobs due to the Earth’s problem of running out of food, he used to be a NASA pilot (hello, foreshadowing).  His true love lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere. When Cooper winds up at a secret NASA base due to a supernatural chain of events, he is asked to lead the mission that will wind up saving humanity. I’ve never seen a movie that so skillfully combines the best elements of a supernatural thriller with the best elements of a sci-fi. Interstellar tackles several hard-hitting questions- what will we do when our planet isn’t enough anymore? Is there anyone out there watching over us? What is humanity’s fate?  It is a movie that hits close to home in many aspects. The themes are relatable- family, relationships, love, death, religion, (though some argue against that one), along with many others. Cooper is struggling between staying with his family or going and doing what he loves and knows is right, which is a situation that many viewers can connect with. This is definitely a movie that keeps you on your toes while also making you think- two of my favorite qualities in any film. However, just because I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, doesn’t mean it didn’t have its flaws. While the dialogue overall is excellent, some parts of it just fall flat. I won’t give anything away here, but Anne Hathaway gave a speech about halfway through the movie that just…didn’t really fit. It felt like it was grabbing at thin air- not at all natural or free flowing. Because Nolan is not just a big-picture guy but a HUGE-picture guy, some aspects of the movie go unfinished or unanswered as well, and a couple of small plot points didn’t really make sense, either. But, all things considered, this is a movie about time and space, and because of that, not everything needs to make sense. You supply your own answers to the questions proposed, and you can provide solutions to pieces of the plot as well. I have enough respect and knowledge of Nolan to know that if something is unanswered, it’s probably supposed to be that way. All in all, this is definitely going to go down as a Nolan classic- right next to The Dark Knight. Despite whether you like it or hate it, Interstellar will stick with you for years to come. The acting is phenomenal, the cinematography is some of the best I’ve ever seen, and the movie itself will draw you in like a hypnotist. If you like space, existential despair, surprise endings, and Matthew McConaughey, then Interstellar should be next on your “To Watch” list! 8.5/10


3 thoughts on “Interstellar

  1. I wasn’t sure if I had to watch this movie … I really wanted to but it seemed so … long, you know? “Because Nolan is not just a big-picture guy but a HUGE-picture guy” … yah! That’s totally true and no better way to say it.
    I’m not really into Thrillers or Sci-Fi but I enjoy suprisingly good atmospheric pictures (way too many adjectives, I’m sorry. English still improving ;D) if you know what I mean. McC. is alright but … (he got the Oscar while Leo got nothing. Again x) Yeah, he was good and all but I think his acting isn’t really outstanding)

    Nevermind. What I actually wanted to ask was: If I have no clue at all about Sci-Fi or Thrillers or any Space-stuff, would it still be interesting for me?


    1. Hey there! I would say that, while this is a space/sci-fi movie, it’s much more far reaching than that. It’s an exploration movie- exploring space and other planets while also exploring the human species. I think anyone, despite their taste in movies, could enjoy it! It is a bit long, but it’s never really boring; it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. It’s more existential than anything else, so if you like big questions that we don’t know the answer to, then I think you’d enjoy it! haha

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