All-Time Favorite TV Shows

I was inspired by a recent article I saw to do a Top 10 T.V. Show post.  I never used to be as in love with television as I was with movies, but over the last year or so, I really began to appreciate it. If I start explaining my love for television, this post will be 10x longer than it’s already going to be so I’ll do a post later about it. So…here we go!

10. Lost

Despite the weak last couple of seasons, Lost is a show that will forever be ingrained into my memory.  The creators of Lost took an old and worn out idea (shipwrecked on an island) and turned it into something that the viewers will never forget, despite whether they loved it or hated it. The time, effort, and creativity the writers put into their work is tangible; Lost was a great show that unfortunately suffered through a couple bad seasons of writing…not to mention that ending. *Shudders*

9. Orphan Black

I’ll be honest with you…I haven’t actually finished watching Orphan Black yet. I know it shouldn’t be on this list, but I couldn’t resist putting it here. I absolutely love the premise of it, and I think it’s executed extremely well.  One thing about Orphan Black that really resonates with me is the dialogue. Unlike many shows that try to over-intellectualize the dialogue, Orphan Black’s is real; it’s what people would actually say if they were in the situation. I’m sure I don’t need to mention the incredible acting by Tatiana Maslany, but I will anyways. She regularly plays about 5-7 different characters in this show, all with completely unique personalities, and it’s unbelievable to watch. I definitely recommend this; the only reason it’s No. 9 is because some of the action sequences are a little corny and because I haven’t finished it yet!

8. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar will always be a huge part of my childhood. This is definitely the best animated series I’ve ever seen, not to mention one of the best non-animated ones as well. It is a classic children’s show, and it uses its childish humor to its advantage in order to teach its viewers numerous valuable lessons. Though it is technically a show for a younger audience, Avatar can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. The storyline is fantastic, the premise is exciting, and the ending is so heartfelt and amazing. I just want everyone to watch this show, ok? Cry with me about it.

7. The Office

I don’t understand people that don’t love The Office. It’s witty, charming, awkward, and extremely well-written; what else could you want?  One of the first shows to utilize the “documentary” style of filming, the Office not only gives you an inside look into the Dunder Mifflin paper business, but also an inside look into the lives of the workers.  The character development in the Office is probably the best in any T.V. show I’ve ever watched; the relationships between the characters are palpable, and you really get the feeling that you’re watching a documentary about real people. The authenticity of it all is astounding. And it’s really, really funny.

6. Breaking Bad

God. This show. When I first read the synopsis, I laughed to myself. How could they possibly make a series with five seasons about a chemistry teacher with cancer that cooks meth? How many story lines are actually possible with that concept? After seeing the 9.5/10 rating on IMDb, I decided that I’d give it a try. A week and a half after starting it, I finished the series the night before the final episode aired, and I got to see the finale live on TV. Honestly, that’s one of my proudest achievements to date (sad, right?).

5. Fargo

I’d never heard of Fargo until I visited a friend of mine up north whose mother rant and raved about it. I figured I’d give it a shot after hearing all the wonderful things she’d said about it, and it ended up being one of the wildest shows I’ve ever watched. At its core, Fargo is the story of Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) a Minnesota man who, after a strange series of events, meets a drifter named Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) and gets thrown into his violent life. Fargo is one of the best examples of the perfect utilization of dark comedy that I’ve ever come across; you almost start to feel bad for laughing.

4. House of Cards

Francis & Claire Underwood are two of my favorite characters of all time.  House of Cards gives a unique and inside point-of-view of the United States government, by following the story of Frank Underwood.  Frank is the majority whip in the House of Representatives, and after being denied something that was rightfully his, him and his wife Claire begin to contract a plan that will exact revenge on the people that decided to betray him.  I love the way that this show is shot; Frank frequently gives little monologues or inside messages to the camera, directly speaking to the audience. This show is so ruthless, so powerful, and so complex that it’s one of the few shows I had to take slowly. I couldn’t binge-watch it on Netflix like I usually do for television shows; I had to let each episode sink in, continually asking myself “Did that really just happen? Did he just do that?”

TOP 3: This was very hard for me. Just so you know.

3. Sherlock

It was hard for me to decide whether Sherlock or House of Cards would be third, but in the end I had to go with Sherlock. Much like the detective himself, this show is incredibly brilliant. The storylines and plots and characters and everything about it is so beautifully thought out and executed.  It’s complex, but not hard to follow along to.  The character development is lacking a bit, but Sherlock does have some very intriguing roles that are very fun to watch on screen.  It has the elements of many different genres: action, comedy, drama, psychological thriller & one episode was even shot as horror.  When you finish the series and look back on it, you really begin to realize how much work and effort goes into this show, adjusting it and thinking it out so it will all make sense in the end. And, if that all wasn’t enough, it’s extremely fun to watch.

2. Game of Thrones

This would without a doubt be my number one choice if I hadn’t read the books.  Once you read the books for something, you find yourself unintentionally nitpicking everything you see on screen; though, I must admit, this is by far the best book-to-movie adaptation I’ve ever seen. There isn’t much to say about this show that hasn’t been said already so I’ll just leave you to a couple pieces of advice: don’t get emotionally attached to any of the characters, and don’t watch it with your parents.

1. True Detective

Oh my God. I went into this show having absolutely no idea what it was about and I definitely suggest watching it that way. This show takes twists you don’t even know are possible. I will warn you that it is a bit slow at the beginning, but if you’re a dialogue lover like I am, you will not be bored. I was on the edge of my seat for this entire series; there is not a single moment where I was watching & wasn’t in complete suspense.  The acting is absolutely phenomenal, and the story is one that you will not soon forget.

Honorable Mentions: Freaks and Geeks, Orange is the New Black, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Just so you know, it is 4:10 am here and I haven’t proofread this or anything and I’ve been working on it for almost 2 days now so if it doesn’t make sense or the grammar isn’t exactly on point, then I would like to extend a formal apology.


8 thoughts on “All-Time Favorite TV Shows

  1. I was glad to see LOST on your top ten, a show that I really enjoyed (we are re-watching it now, showing it to our daughter, who went Evangeline Lilly crazy because of the Hobbit.) I’m a defender of the final season though, just so you know.

    Thumbs up on your entire list, especially Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I LOVE Game of Thrones, but Breaking Bad might be the greatest television series I have ever seen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved Lost. I was so happy to see Evangeline Lily in the Hobbit, because I really don’t think that Lost showcased how great of an actress she really is. And to each his own! I know plenty of people that absolutely loved the ending, and plenty that hated it. I guess the controversy around it is what made it extremely memorable!
      Thank you very much! Yes, I agree that Breaking Bad is extraordinary. It took me a while to actually place my top 10, and I was surprised at Breaking Bad being number 6 when I was finished. I figured it might be because I watched it a while ago, while most of my top 5 I’ve watched more recently, and they’re still fresh in my memory.


  2. I’ve only seen Season One of Game of Thrones, never read the books. Haven’t seen any of the others but seem like good choices. You should do one of your all time favorite films.
    Good writings-keep it up!


    1. Ahh definitely finish Game of Thrones! It’s wild, and next season (coming back in April) is going to be even wilder!
      All time favorite films is probably going to be one of my next posts! Thank you very much for reading 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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