Pain is truly a strange experience for me. I don’t hurt easily, but I hurt deeply. When I feel things, I feel them throughout my whole body- emotional pain becomes physical pain. I wallow, I sulk, I envelop my whole being into this sense of pain.

But there’s a bright side to this mayhem.

When I hurt, I know it will get better. Hurting so badly, so deeply, gives me hope for the positive. If I can feel the lowest possible low, isn’t that exciting for the premise of feeling the highest possible high?  I lose myself in the pain of now, but I know things cannot be this bad again. I cannot feel the strength, the depth of this anguish more than once in a lifetime. And, thus, I comfort myself in my pain.

Pain reassures me that I’m human. It isn’t easy, it isn’t beautiful, but it is real.


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