Bloodline Review (No Spoilers)

This seems to be an unpopular opinion, so proceed with caution. Netflix recently released a new series called Bloodline, which tells the story of a family living in the Florida Keys whose dark secrets begin to surface once the eldest child, Danny (Ben Mendelsohn), comes home.  I only got through eight of the thirteen episodes, […]

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The 100

I just finished the CW’s popular sci-fi show The 100, centering on 100 juveniles sent down from space to see if the Earth is habitable again after a nuclear war 97 years earlier.  The show’s premise is good, though nothing we haven’t seen before- think Lost mixed with Lord of the Flies– and their execution starts […]

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House of Cards Season 3

Warning, just in case you couldn’t read the title, there will be spoilers for House of Cards season 3 in this post. Once again, I am writing a blog post when I should be studying for the math test I have tomorrow. Oops. I finished season three of House of Cards a couple days ago, […]

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