The Worst Thing You Can Be

TW: eating disorders, body image When I was eleven years old, I knelt on the pew of my school’s church and prayed that I would get the flu. A girl in my class that morning had mentioned how sick she was the week before, how she couldn’t eat anything and she could barely get out […]

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Pain is truly a strange experience for me. I don’t hurt easily, but I hurt deeply. When I feel things, I feel them throughout my whole body- emotional pain becomes physical pain. I wallow, I sulk, I envelop my whole being into this sense of pain. But there’s a bright side to this mayhem. When […]

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I’m not required to respect you.

In instances of insignificant opinions- such as the preference of food or a favorite color- differences are what make us all unique.  The combination of likes and dislikes that I have make me the person that I am, and differences in preference fuel conversation and debate. However, when it comes to things like politics, human […]

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Update of Some Sort

I have two papers to write and two quizzes to take before 11:59 pm tonight, yet here I am. Writing a blog post. For the first time in 20 days. I really do have great timing. Anyways, not much has been happening in my life since I wrote last. I started the show Luther, which […]

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